Finally, an affordable alternative to cultured marble shower walls...


  • What size do the panels come in?

    HEIGHT: 94.5" (2400mm) and 71" (1800mm)
    WIDTH: 31.5" (800mm)
    THICKNESS: 3/8" (9mm) and 7/16" (12mm).

  • Both are the Perfect size for standard 30" x 60" tubs or shower pans.
  • Our Shower walls are priced lower than cultured marble and 50 times harder surface and more beautiful!

    See below:

  • What about the exposed edge in the front?
    US Stone Sales LLC offers affordable custom 96" Schluter style L angle trim pieces in White and Bone colors to provide a finished edge.

  • Do you offer soap dishes?
    US Stone Sales LLC offers Cream and White soap dishes that are 6" x 6" at a very low price ($10/each)