Finally, an affordable alternative to cultured marble shower walls...


  • What size do the panels come in?
    Each Porcelain slab is 71" in Height and 31.5" in Width and 7/16" thick. This is the Perfect size for 30" x 60" tubs.
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  • What if I have a shower pan 36" wide or taller than 71" panels?
    The Factory makes extension panels that are 8" x 71" and can be butted without a grout joint. Just a fine bead of silicone and the seam is barely noticeable. The Factory also makes extension panels that are 22" x 31.5" and can be butted without a grout joint. This will extend to 93" and most shower pans are 4" tall with 92" to the ceiling so there is 1" extra that can be cut for a tight fit.
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  • What about the exposed edge in the front?
    US Stone Sales LLC has custom 1/4 round 96" PVC strips made in Cream, White and Grey colors to provide a finished edge for the 7/16" thickness. We include them at no charge for orders of 40 rooms or more.

  • Do you offer soap dishes?
    US Stone Sales LLC offers Cream and White soap dishes that are 6" x 6" and a very low price ($10/each)